TRS015 – mixed zone I (eng)

Today we are proud to present a special New Year’s episode to you. Back in the old days of 2016, we went out of our comfy studios and each of us interviewed a scientist of interest about their work. This Episode will be in English.


Dementia Will Be a Treatable Condition in 10 Years
The sparrow with four sexes
MBL Scientist Demonstrates How Oysters Filter Water

Interview Mikhail Savitski

In the first Interview Dominic spoke with Mikhail Savitski from the EMBL. He is head of his own research group and head of the proteomics core facility at EMBL. They spoke about how Mikhail ended up at EMBL, about Thermo proteomics profiling using mass spectrometry and the perspective about proteomics in general.
TRS005 – Proteine und Translation
Proteomics Core Facility
Savitski Team

Interview Herbert Tschochner

In the second Interview Stefan spoke with Prof. Herbert Tschochner. He is head of the Chair of Biochemistry III and speaker of the “SFB960 – Ribosome formation: principles of RNP biogenesis and control of their function.” They talked about how to get a SFB started at the University of Regensburg and about the challenges when applying for a SFB at the DFG.
Ribosome formation: principles of RNP biogenesis and control of their function
Biochemistry III – Prof. Herbert Tschochner


LIVE-Experiment am 05.02.2017 um 14:00. 

Protokoll: DNA-Isolation aus Tomaten

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